Building physical products is complex and can be fraught with costly mistakes.

It is a struggle to make the leap from prototype to design and manufacturing required for scale. Startups need extensive product design and development knowledge they often don’t have.

Why is design and engineering important?

Human-Centered Design

Many of the top reasons for startup failure are related to poor customer experience design. Consider the experience at all steps.

Engineering Support

Creating successful products and services at the intersection of hardware and software requires an extensive amount of engineering experience.

The complexities of this interconnected world require startups to have access to capital, but also to excel in design & engineering.

Excel in everything from the right customer experiences to making critical engineering decisions.

The Dipalo Residency

The Residency is a 6 week program where we work with founders on a couple of meaningful design and engineering challenges. These can include evaluating your customer experience to generating a more accurate product cost based on realistic specs. We help you move the needle in focused areas, and get to know you better before making an investment decision.

Examples of outputs:
• Product Scope
• Product Requirements (PRD)
• Experience Based Roadmap
• Bill of Materials (BOM)

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