Mitul Patel

Venture Partner & M.D., The Residency

Mitul Patel is the founder and CEO of M.P. Consulting ( He brings over 12 years of consumer electronics design experience from Motorola Mobility, Cuff, Inc, and M.P. Consulting, LLC. Mitul graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and went on to get his master’s of computer and electrical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He has worked on various projects, from phones and wearables to innovative smart home applications and industrial sensors. He has constantly pushed the boundaries of technology and innovation by submitting more than 10 U.S. Patents in the last decade. As an avid backpacker, photographer, and nature enthusiast, he constantly seeks to set challenging goals personally and professionally. He hopes clients will quickly see that drive and passion in the work that is done.

Mitul’s most recent endeavor, which started October 2021, involves the best promotion a CEO could ask for Dad. Unfortunately, Mitul and his family were met with tremendous bad luck, and his son, Aarush, did not make it past 38 weeks of pregnancy. Mitul has made it his life’s mission to establish his son’s legacy with an initiative to benefit Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Fertility with an intense focus on technology development, data analytics, and worldwide causes. Women’s Health will be the centerpiece for Mitul’s entire operation from MPC to AMC, Dipalo, and now his son’s namesake foundation.

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