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Who We Are

Rafiq Ahmed

Dipalo Ventures is led by Rafiq Ahmed, an entrepreneur, product innovator and startup investor with nearly three decades of experience in the United States and Bangladesh. He’s passionate about innovation and launching new businesses built around products and services that are first to market. 

Rafiq’s industry experience spans Consumer Electronics, Financial Services, Education Technology, Healthcare, Digital Publishing and Government. He’s worked at startups, management consultancy PwC, integrated digital agency Sapient, in financial services at Fannie Mae and in consumer electronics at Motorola.

His work in mobile user experience design at Motorola Mobility included design of the first apps UX framework and a patent for integrating social information into the phonebook app. He co-founded Demibooks, the first platform for developing interactive book apps on the iPad. Demibooks was acquired by Education Development Corporation (NASDAQ: EDUC) in 2015.

Rafiq is a Venture Partner at NextGen Venture Partners (Washington DC) and co-founded Nameless Ventures (Chicago).  He has an MBA and studied Computer Science at Virginia Tech, and received a BS in Electrical Engineering from WV Wesleyan in the US. 


Asheq Samad

Asheq is an entrepreneur and Information Technology leader with broad expertise in software systems and products.  He brings 20+ years of cutting edge experience, starting from top Management Consulting firms (Anderson, Ernst & Young) , followed by management roles at Verizon, the U.S. Telecom and Cable Video provider.

Asheq has a proven ability and track record of delivering creative technology solutions.  He has launched multiple new products and services.

Asheq co-founded Bengal Meat, the first export quality meat processing plant in Bangladesh.  Asheq has deep interest in Bangladesh’s development and continues to work on entrepreneurial efforts there. Most recently, he co-founded Bangladesh customer care and concierge services startup ServiceChai.

Asheque studied at the University of Texas in Arlington, where he received a M.S. in  Computer Science and a B.S. in Information Systems.