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Venture Capital experienced in design and engineering investing in connected hardware and hard tech.

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What we do

We invest in pre-seed to early stage rounds in connected hardware and hard tech startups. If you are a physical product startup innovating at the intersection of hardware and software, come talk to us.

We are an extended team and partner ecosystem of ex-Motorola/Google product experts, bringing a unique design and engineering focused methodology to venture capital through our Residency.

There’s a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product.

Steve Jobs, 1997

We live in a physical world where our experiences are increasingly interconnected with the digital

Amazing new products and services are being introduced in this space

Venture capital needs to invest in this next wave of opportunity


What’s wrong with Venture Capital?

Traditional Accelerators and VC do not go far enough in supporting startups that are at the intersection of hardware and software. Operational experience in VC is often missing but can improve outcomes.

US Venture Capital too concentrated

Focus on software is missing opportunities. Many great products are not getting funded. 

Technical skillsets missing from VC

Complexities of creating physical products require startups to not only have access to capital, but also design and engineering support. 

US Center/Midwest underfunded

Most funding is concentrated on the coasts. The underfunded gap is even more pronounced in the US Midwest. 

Our Unique Methodology

Dipalo Ventures de-risks investment by incorporating design and engineering reviews in our due diligence process via a 6-week Residency program. In the Residency we help startups solve specific design and engineering issues before making the first pre-seed investment.

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Who We’re Looking For

Dipalo is looking for amazing startups that have

• Big disruptive ideas
• Human-centered products and services
• Design in your DNA
• Teams that can execute
• Valuations less than $47B (aka WeWork)

To participate in our Residency

• Need to have a prototype available or in progress
• Technical team
• Clearly articulate where we can help you

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